Travel Immunisations

If you are travelling outside of the UK, you may need to be vaccinated before you set off for your holiday. Whilst the childhood programme in the UK protects individuals against a number of diseases, you may require extra vaccinations if you are planning on visiting certain parts of the world.

Receiving these extra vaccinations can help prevent you getting ill if you are exposed to diseases we don’t normally have in the UK. Our nurses will provide tailored advise to help you understand how to keep your risks low of getting a disease whilst abroad

Ask at Reception for a Travel Vaccination form or alternatively download one from the link below.

These clinics are by appointment only, and an appointment will only be made once we have received your completed travel vaccination form. Please note we will need to have received your completed form at least 10 weeks prior to travel.

Travel Vaccination Prices

Travel advise is covered by the NHS; however some vaccinations and prescriptions (such as Melaria tablets) are only available privately. We will inform you which vaccinations carry a private charge following completion of the travel vaccination form. Payment for non-NHS services must be made at the time of your appointment.

Further Travel Information

The following websites will give you additional travel advise:

Travel Health for information of vaccinations available on NHS

MASTA for private vaccination clinics for specific country travel advice

Fit for travel for specific country travel advice

EHIC to apply for your free European Health Insurance Card